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Hi, my name is Zod Kadane (or Zod Kane for friends).

The movies and pics here are almost all my work. All original. All uniquely produced in Thailand for KinkyTHai.
Me and Nut are working hard to provide you with a constant stream of extreme kinky filthy stuff for all you lovers out there..

Remember: WE USE NO FAKES! Everything is 100% REAL and very dirty, so please Enjoy :)

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    Must See Movies

  • The Lord of the Dung

    Two humiliated thai hookers getting forced to eat some fresh cow scat. This movie content from thailand is incredible sick!

  • Intestines humiliation

    Yet another human slave girl who gets humiliated by Zod Kadane. He forces the thai hooker to eat and swallow animal intestines.

  • Dog vomit eater

    This poor hot teen from thailand keeps on crying and screaming for help when her masked attacker forces her to eat warm dog puke.