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Adventure with Ana

Out of all the nights in Bangkok that I had the grace of spending with ladies, I must admit that staying with Ana was the pinnacle. I lay there on the bed staring at the ceiling with thoughts of how great the past few hours just were. My cock was already getting stiff again just thinking about Ana and the way we just enjoyed ourselves.

I turned over and saw that Ana had left the bathroom door open allowing me to peek inside while she was soaping herself down. From here she almost looked like a teenager.

I smiled to myself thinking that the night was not yet over, but at the same time a sting of grief ran through my body as I thought of whatever would become out of this. For now I pushed that thought away and waited for her to come back out of the toilet. Once again I couldn’t believe that such a drop death gorgeous girl would go with me (Not that I am bad looking for 27) and even better have such a fantastic sexual appetite.

Ana appeared in a towel which she only bound across her hips leaving her chest bare. She sat beside me and slapped me on my back and then giggled again. I gave her a comical grin and said to her that I would take a shower and be back in a few minutes. She said ok, and climbed back on the bed.

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