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Behind the scenes

Have you always wanted to know what happens behind the scenes? We give you a quick peek of all difficulties, fun, action, and so on that we ran into while creating and operating a business like ours.

Some customers asked me why the membership fee is that high. Well this way we also want to show you that running a business like ours isnt that easy! You can not just buy a camera in a local store, make a video and sell it on the internet.

It will cost about 10.000 euro for each shoot. This is because for each shoot we have to:

– rent a location (apartment, house, stable, factory)
– hire girls (most of the time more then one)
– take care of all extra stuff (finding dogs and train them, prepare food and scat for the shoot, and so on)
– buy airplane tickets / visa papers / travel documents
– buy/hire cameras
– edit material so customers can watch it on the internet (which takes a shitload of time and money)
– hire servers to host our website and content on
– and much more

So as you can see we need a shitload of members to cover our costs! And keep in mind that because of our extreme content we always pay the jackpot because we need to operate under the radar to avoid problems with the police, justice and local governments!

Internal Conversations

Below you find some of our internal conversations. This gives you an idea of our work and the things we have to take care of to keep this site alive!

Names and email addresses are adjusted/deleted due to privacy reasons!

Startup problems:

Some comments on your Polish questions. You wrote:

I agree with you on all points, but I do not see any way to go
quickly, easilly and with limited risks on that “rape->like” project … Except if
that movie is financed by our company >too .. but we’d have to move very quickly
on that !

Of course that’s what we should do!! If I have a say..

And – YES – we have to move quickly. The girls here are really
eating me and if I don’t get them to Europe this summer I can
just as well close the business here for good.

I don’t agree with you that we will need a LOT of time to start up,
though it might take some time to get the REAL organisation running,
but we can always start simple just to pump in some cash..

I am in just as big hurry as you, friend 😉
Lets rock !!

Fan helps with extra funds for new project:

At the contrary my Belgian contact is mainly interested in realizing his dreams (animal scat) and he’s ready to help, even finance a small part of the movies !

I didn’t know his dream was animal scat!!
You didn’t tell me, did you ?

Well sure as hell I will help him to realize that!
Tell him I have four lovely dog shit eating girls (actually five)
just waiting to go. They are complaining that I haven’t already bought tickets!

When they get to Europe I will make sure he can exercise all his
perverted dreams with them.. ;);)

All I want is to film it.. hehe 😉

..can you put me in contact with him ?
..can he join KinkyThai for a checkup of what I have done ?

But, if we should be quick I would really like to discuss
some things with him already now, like finding dogs for example,
and how to prepare them properly for dog scat sessions..

It took three months with our dog !

Hope it clears your thinking, I’ll be out for all next week, leaving Sunday midday,

Problems with creditcard processors:

Visa and Mastercard claims they have a policy NOT to approve these
types of content. However, they ARE right as you read this mail,
many of those sites running on the net. All of them with some kind of
payment processing including Visa and Mastercard.

US payment processors are in a different situation as content labelled
as ‘obscene’ [whatever that is] is considered illegal according to
federal US laws. but in Europe and the rest of the world it is a different

I have quite good connections with BFI, one of the biggest
companies in the adult industry, running about 10 hard bestiality sites,
S&M sites, Scat sites and even live shows direct broadcasted online.
They are approved and uses Visa and Mastercard.

However, the owner, told me that Visa was on him to stop the sites
and he said – ‘what I do is legal here, see you in court’ – and Visa
actually backed off, knowing that they had no legal options to block
one customer off if he’s doing nothing illegal.

They eventually settled with him, and he is still online. but he told me
they asked him ‘please don’t tell this to everyone, then all companies
will do like you’… Hmmmm..

I also want you to know that the biggest market for adult content is Japan.
In Japan, all this content is 100% legal and widely sold and shown online.
There are several HUGE Japanese companies specializing in these types of
niche fetish content.

Below I have enclosed some replies and quotes from my earlier
conversations with two payment processors.
Both of them are currently running several scat and bestiality sites!!

“These types of content can be a problem for processing and I do not think
we are able to help. It is because of regulations of Mastercard and Visa.

“Thanks for your request for our credit card solution that can be installed
in 24H on your website.

We work with adult websites but we do not accept everything, if it is SCAT /
SCATO content for example, it will not be accepted”

I hope we don’t fall under products considered “illegal in most civilzed countries”
but we shouldn’t really, as our type of content is legal almost everywhere in Europe,
and Europe should be considered ‘civilized’ yes ?

Creating a legal business and getting girls:

Hi Zod,

Do not worry for the length, I prefer to have long mails than no mail 😉

For the moment, I have not read your attached text, may be some answers to my demands are inside, you’ll rectify by yourself 😉

1) You still don’t think we have THE good domain name ? OK, for my self there was a couple within the ones I sent you yesterday that I could have taken as excellent ! But we can still go on searching !

2) I have an idea too on how we COULD (not should, it is a reflexion that can be totally forgotten if you do not agree, but …) do for going ahead by the easiest way !

My reflexion began like that … we want to avoid problems and be capable to make our movies relaxed .. ok, then we plan to build an official production company and an official distributing company, ok ! Second step, we discover it is HELL complicated to have an official distribution company at our level, to be totally legal would need a huge study of the different laws, exploitation and distribution visas, and so on … and it is NOT possible to be legal in Europe and invisible !

Except in building a very complicated (and then costly) network of “Russian dolls” companies offshore ! We can find an agreement between us and a way to distribute risks and profit, without spending about 2000 $ in building a company ! NO ? One reason could be that we need an official company for the online payment (required by bank): I am checking that point but it is not sure that a simple private bank account (or several accounts) would not be ok !

Then we would save time (newly built company needs 1 month) and 2000 $ ! You know I am VERY concerned by the financing aspect ! I have 10s thousands of euros in Bank, the problem is not there, it is that I cannot use them without be discovered by my wife and I do not want to inform her on that project, at least until it runs correctly ! I can tell her “I wanted to try to build that porn video production company,I did, it is a success, it works well: we earned ….”, but if I say “I have to take a financial risk for building a porn production company” the answer will be “NO” !! Sure 100% !!

I can imagine you are wondering if I am the right partner for you, frankly speaking I do not have the answer myself … Sure it would be easier for you with a rich guy that can move (physically as intellectually) openly ! On the other side, I think I have the contacts to build an efficient network, counterbalancing the financial strength of FBI and other huge companies !

Then what would be the easiest way for me ?

A) To launch the website (with all thinking on name, goals, content, …) : can be done quickly !

B) To edit and sell your two “already made” movies

C) To check quickly how much we have (you, me, my partners !), how much we can risk, and make some business plans

D) To shoot, on a LOW SCALE, limited financial input in summer (June) ! and to sell the movies immediately ! By limited financial input, I mean, about 3000 to 4000 euros MAX for 3 movies !

E) To shoot again accordingly to the success of your precedent production, on a wider scale (September ?): at that step your Thai girls would enter the game ! Even if they are individually very cheap for what they do, the global financing would be HUGE (2500 $ / girl / month by 2 or 3 girls + plane tickets + accommodation !!! = from 6 to 10 000 euros !!!!)

What do you think of that ?

For your info, I have on my side at least 2 (may be 3) Brazilian girls ready to eat dogshit ! (at 300 $ / movie )

My dear friend, I hope I am not completely breaking your plans, or your hopes, once again I am like you, I do not say it is the only way, let’s give your point !

To finish, about Poland: I will fuck those pretty chicks, check what they can do, take some photos for you, my friends in porn business in France and check how I feel those girls to be actress in our rape movies … at that step, nothing more … But if I do not want to loose that great contact, I will HAVE to shoot in June with at least one of them !!!!

Awaiting your RETURN comments (I leave in less than 48 hours)

Contact with a new scat model:

Dear J

It was Very nice to hear from you, indeed 😉

I am sorry for the late reply, but I have been very busy
( offline ) for about a month, so I just hadn’t got the time to check
my ZodKadane mail..

I am seriously very interested in meeting you asap, to
discuss the possibility of some mutual enjoyments..
I currently have two nice girls wanting to perform with
me this weekend, and if you have a chance and feel OK about it,
I warmly invite you to join us.

Please call me directly to my mobile as soon as you read this,
so we can arrange a meeting, maybe tonight or tomorrow..

Or, if you are busy, call me anyway and I can meet you
after returning from Europe ( I am leaving Monday morning
and returning about a week later.. )

I assume you have a lot of questions, and I hope I can
explain everything as we meet.

If you like scat domination games, however, I think we
can have a lot of fun together.

Don’t worry.. ..this is no scam,
and I will not ask you for any money or something like that.

I attach a couple of private pics for you (in a zip file for discretion)
taken from our sessions.

I am impatiently waiting for your reply (call) 🙂

Best regards and with hopes of meeting you in person.

Zod Kadane

Editing videos takes a long time:

The MAIN work is the sound editing. There’s a lot of talk in there that
we SHOULD NOT release in public! Names, comments etc. that might be dangerous
for me if it is openly published. Some comments are in English, some in Thai.
A Thai person watching the movie understands when someone says ‘come here Petra’
in Thai. I do. Does your editor ? How can he know what is to be censored ?

As I [actually] am a VERY experienced sound editor [29 years professionally]
I can do this. Nice, clean and in a way that is ‘seamless’. In order to do
that one will need to find ‘silence’ [= background noise] matching the current
scene, edit and loop that in a sound edit program, and then cross fade in and
out between the silence and the wanted sound. Sounds we ALL want are chokings,
splashes, sneezes and all that ‘action’. Sounds we DON’T want are names etc. and stupid instructions like ‘zoom in that f*cking camera now, Prasit’
Especially as this ‘stupid’ talk mainly goes on in the parts where the action is
‘waiting’ – for a camera or such, it also makes a problem when editing as it
– should we choose to keep it – would either cause the action to be too slow,
or leave ‘cut up’ phrases which is NOT so good.

Do you know that the background sound on the trailer i sent to you is edited at
about forty [!] places ? That there were talk as she was choking, and I had to
find a ‘choke’ somewhere else, time-stretch it and carefully sync it in manually ?

No. Because it sounds just natural when you watch it. But it isn’t.
Also in several spots the speed is doubled [ like when i hold the milk bowl waiting
to pour it in the mixer ] – but it is not seen.
In those places, ALL audio is replaced.

I have all respect for Yves [ an any of your other editor friends ] but.. they really do this ?

You can check the original tapes when you get them and you will understand.

I can of course ‘pre-edit’ and give uncut, but ‘cleaned’ tapes to Yves,
but that will take the same or even more time, as I have to clean the sound
EVERYWHERE, not only in the parts eventually used.

Starting up and creating new movies is harder then it sounds:

An important issue here that we need to consider is continuity.



This is very important!
It is not enough just with two movies.
We will need two movies AND a plan!
And we will need to work that plan!

D + E)

Yes let’s shoot in June. Good idea.
But try to understand this:

There is NO WAY to take a Thai girl to Europe in September – at least not the first time.
They will freak out from the ‘cold’.
They will stay for three days, then cry and want to go home, regardless of money.
Trust me. It WON’T F*CKING WORK!

Secondly, I will not have them by then… 🙁

Here in Asia it is like this:

If I am a good man and have a good business then I should have money.
If I don’t have money I am no good and cannot be trusted.
That is Asian logic – primary level.

What I do right now is to pay them anyway just to wait!!

It is KILLING me. I don’t have any 10s of thousands of Euro in my bank account.

Truthfully – I don’t have any financial buffers – very dangerous for me.
I am using my KT monthly money for all that. It doesn’t work.

To take three girls for three weeks would give us some 15 movies.!
That is GOOD business and very good value for money.
It also gives us something to deal with, assets that has a value.

About the releases – 15 is not impossible or ‘flooding’
Let’s make ‘series’ like Wildside or SOD’s GusoMilk for example.

I will detail my plans on that at a later time..

After the girls have been to Europe I can say goodbye to them,
and eventually find them later again.
They will be available because I have DONE something.
And they know it is REAL.
Now I am only talking and they will consider me a bullshitter if I try to
put them on hold for too long.

But if two girls comes back to Thailand and says ‘We’ve been to Europe’
THEN the other girls will trust it as well. And wait patiently.

But I have to BEGIN soon!
I need to act this summer.or.. I will be forced to just close it all forever and get another job. 🙁 ;(
That’s how it is. Sorry. But it is true.

Why do you think it would be impossible to find someone who could finance that ?

We WILL need some 10.000 EUR for that, I agree.
So, let’s try and raise that. Find investors.

Let’s see..
10.000 euro for, say 15 releases… [ 3 girls x 5 titles ]

That is 666 EUR per movie. Let’s make it 650.
If we make 50 EUR per sold movie
we will need to sell 13 copies of each to break even !!

If we can’t do that, we’d better close down right now. 😉

For your info, I have on my side at least 2 (may be 3) brazilian girls ready to eat dogshit!
(at 300 $ / movie )

Don’t negotiate a ‘per movie’ price with them.
Negotiate a ‘two weeks in Europe – work 5 days’ price instead!

Let them come in june as well!!
It is not too difficult to get them in the formula.

It is ridiculous to pay tickets and get visa’s for three movies!
Why do that ?

Then all the work to find a place to stay, a dog,
hopefully a cow and – of course – several men.

That’s quite a lot of work.
For three movies.. a waste of resources.
For some 15 – 25 (with brazilians) movies.. a good investment that can run our business
for some two years(!) if we release one new movie per month.

That is how we HAVE TO THINK, as I see it.

That way we will own some real assets after the summer.
We can then focus on building a better structure – good and carefully.

Meetings are screened carefully to avoid problems:


There are some things I would like to inform you about right away,
if you don’t mind. Some questions I would like to have answered and
a couple of things I will ask you to comply with ( respectfully ):

How long will you stay in Thailand ?
Where will you stay ? [ I am in Bangkok ]
How much time are you ready to spend on this ?
Will you travel alone or with company ?
Have you been here before ? Do you speak some Thai ?
Do you have any connections/friends here that will be aware of
your ‘activites’ ?

Are you a nice, honest, trustworthy guy ?
( well, excuse the rudeness. I really won’t ask it like that.. But I somehow need to understand that sooner or later.. No offence 😉

EXACTLY WHAT do you want/wish to do ?
Please be clear, honest and informative. No need to be shy ;).
The more I understand your ideas, the easier it will be to make
you ( and me ) happy, and I can plan it in a good way.

My simple ‘rules’ are only to make this pleasant for us all:

1) No drinking/boozing or drug use during our ‘sessions’.
Drunk people unfortunately tends to loose their good judgement
easily and often at the worst possible times..

2) You will need to take a HIV test at any hospital here.
It takes about 45 minutes and costs about 10 USD. I sure hope
you will agree that it is important. And, of course, the girls
will have to do the same. We can go together the same day we
will ‘play’ if you like. 😉

3) ABSOLUTE DISCRETION on all levels. You can not talk about this
to anyone here. Not your friends. Not any girls you will meet.
This is partly an underground thing, and I do not want to run
into any problems with authorities. This is Asia, not the US
or Europe ( unfortunately ), and it is almost imopossible for
someone who hasn’t spent a lot of time here to judge properly
who to trust. The famous ‘smiles’ here can be very deceiving..
Needless to say, that goes for me too. You can count on my
complete discretion regarding your involvement. 😉

So.. if you don’t think this sounds too bad ( which it doesn’t )
I really look forward to meet you in person.


Concerning legal regulations:

I will try to search the internet for good info.
Interpol has a quite good site, but it only indirectly
touches the subject of porn legislation – as a comment
on specific legislation for child pornography. also has info about legal ages etc.
but no info on what type of ‘activities’ that are legal.

However: [ one step at the time 😉 ]

1) You mentioned something about health risks.. ?
That material showing activities that might be a potential
health risk would be illegal.

To me that sounds like a very vague point.
Let me outline my line of thought:
Porn is a type of entertainment. A show so to speak.
Sometimes exciting, sometimes disgusting, depending on
the viewer and the situation.
Eventually the performers performs acts that are quite far
from what ‘normal’ people would do. They do so in order to
entertain and by free will. OK ??

Now replace the word ‘porn’ in the above text with the
word ‘circus’… It instantly gets very interesting…

A circus artist surely at times performs acts that are
a potential health risk for the performer. Like walking
on a string at 30m above the ground, swallowing swords,
mingling with tigers and crocodiles etc.

As I understand it it is perfectly legal to sell and watch
videos containing circus performances. Yes ??

If my assumption is correct, it simply means that the legality
of the documentation and viewing of any ‘dangerous’ acts
performed by consensual performers by their own free will and choice
is simply a matter of definition.

Consider the concept of a circus performer making scat stunts 😉
[actually I’ve seen a Swedish ‘fakir’ inserting condoms in his nose
and pulling them out through his mouth.. not too far from what I
want to do, really. And that was on prime time Swedish state TV..]

I seriously think that the legality of heavy scat activities is
just a matter of having the correct documents and ‘label’ the thing
in an intelligent way.

Btw, I like the concept of ‘scat acrobats’, ‘scat fakirs’ and likes..
Well.. enough of that for now..

2) Concerning humiliation play I guess the same goes for that.
It is obviously legal to produce, let’s say a drama series
about someone being bullied and humiliated ( at school, in
the military etc. ) Even showing someone being killed is OK..


So again… it seems to be a question of definition, and a matter
of having rock-solid consentual agreements with the performers.
Even a text in the beginning of the movie:
‘This is purely fiction. All performers are acting consentually on
their own request.’ or similar would be possible.. Yes ??


Conclusion on 1) and 2):

Let’s rename our girls from ‘models’ to ‘performers’ and put a
bit more weight in on them wanting to show their performing skills –
[ which is actually very true for my friends.. 😉 ]
– and we will probably do just fine 🙂

However, research is needed in order to formulate contracts and
eventual ‘pre-text’ in the movies in a correct way.


3) What is more difficult is:


In this case [ which I assume even includes dirty dog ass-licking ;( ]
the legislation in several countries are much more precise.

If we want to be 100% legal, we will have to work [= distribute]
from a country where this is legal.
We need to check that up. I will try to do so asap.
Obviously, by looking at the vast amount of material being available
today on the net and elsewhere, there ARE ways of doing it.


Dirty stuff you might be interested in