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Do you remember Mooks Diary?

The good old days

Do you guys remember the mook diaries series? This really was and is one of my personal favorites. And not only me, these dvd series where probably the most succesful releases we ever had.

The idea consisted of the popularity of Sweet Mook, One of the first thai girls Zod made friends with during his time in Thailand. What started out as a normal friendshiep soon ended in a real dirty sex adventure. As you guys know Zod is a real pervert to say the least… its probably the most filthy guy i personally ever encountered lol, but Mook wasnt as sweet as she looked as well. The two of them combined really was the most perfect match for all you perverts.

As Mook became so popular among our members we decided to give this wonderful woman her own personal porn series, which as you can guess eventually was called “Mooks Diaries”. The idea behind the “diary” part was a) obviously to share her filthy scat and piss adventures with all of you, but b) also to give this girl an own voice. All the text branded into the videos, so the intros and stuff, are really made up by herself. This way we hoped our members where able to dive into her filthy brain a bit.

We are currently busy trying to recover all this lost footage, so if all goes well we will get all her diaries back online in good quality again. For now we only have a small old clips for you, but at least, for the ones who dont know these dvd series, or who are new to Sweet Mook, will have an idea how what her videos are all about.

Mooks Diary

Dear Diary,

Today i had a short but intense encounter with my master – Mr Zod.

He had eaten a lot of laxatives, so he really needed some release. I used my face, my open mouth and my willing tongue to service all his needs. In the end i was all covered with warm diarrhea, sperm and piss.

As my friend Nut was around, i asked her to film it. Here is the movie she made 😉


mooks diary chapter 1

Goodnight, sweet diary. Nuff for today.

But, before i close i would like to say thanks 😉 to all the wonderful members on (former website). You are the ones making it all possible.

Bless you all…

Yours Mook

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