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New 2019 releases

Hello to all horny fuckers!

We have some great news for you: new real kinky thai movies are coming!

The first 6 videos have already been added to the website. Around 20 more real kinky thai videos will follow in the next months. For the whole of 2019 we will release 1 new movie each month and on top of that we also have over 200 videos with regular scat and piss content coming this year!

So what can you expect?

– New, never released kinky thai footage!
– Remastered videos: some of the old kt dvds remastered in best possible quality!
– Clips and footage that never made it into our official dvd list, so stuff nobody has ever seen before!

2019 Releases
We received hundreds of emails asking for new kinky thai material. Finally we have some fantastic news for you: new stuff is on the way… same style, same models, same nastyness… the good old kinky thai stuff you all love. Here are some sneak previews of what we have in store for you:

1. Far East Beast
You all probably know the famous ASR Releases, better know as Kinky Thai’s “animal scat report“. They have always been the favorite series for a lot of kinkythai fans and they have been on our bestseller list for over a decade. Now we are back! Back with more beasty animal adventures with our Bangkok en phuket girls. This new series was meant to be created for a separate website called, but as the bestiality laws where getting more strict basically worldwide, we had never officially released that series to the public… until now!

We are going to launch 8 short kinkythai beast videos in this series for now. Short videos, because we (unfortunately) haven’t found the original master tapes yet which contain the raw footage of these animal sex castings. In short, this is the story about the videos: to launch this new series we asked Zod to shoot some testing videos with his girls Lima, Lin, Mook, Dokmai, Poo and Olivia. This already took him several months as he not only had to make arrangements with his models, but he also had to buy and train some dogs… and the last one isn’t that easy to say the least 🙂

Anyways, after a few months Zod came up with these testing videos, so the short videos (3-5 minutes each) we are going to launch in the next couple of months, and the plan was to make a full series out of these. But as Zod currently is in jail, we cant verify if he ever finished up these series… so we honestly don’t even know if there are full versions of these videos. But rest assure, we are trying to digg them up in the warehouse and if they do exist we will off course announce it right away.

Here is a small teaser picture of the videos that are coming up:

New 2019 releases

New 2019 releases

The first video will go live within a few days from now so keep tuned!

2. Intestine special (new 2019 release)
With the release of the LOTD series (Lords of the Dung) we set a certain standard. Not only for all kinky thai fans but for ourselves as well. It was pretty hard to come up with something better, something more nasty, more extreme… till we released the intestines video! The responses from our fans where amazing… they loved it! The only problem here was, that we weren’t planning to make this a series when we made it. It was just some crazy idea that Robin, one of our crew members, came up with. Zod loved the idea and he shot a video for it… that was basically it. Luckily he had recorded the preparation for the video as well, so in 2016-2017 we released a short clip of this preparation video as well.

We thought that was it… but we where wrong! We found out that pervert Zod had made some additional footage for his personal collection. This footage which contains never released bonus scenes of the intestines preparation, a crazy intestines bondage video and a intestine final with crazy maggots humiliation stuff. The final is a must see for sure, but the other clips are definitely worth to watch as well.

And good news: we just released all 5 intestine videos, so go download them here!

Some previews:

New 2019 releases New 2019 releases New 2019 releases New 2019 releases New 2019 releases

3. Sexmachine abuse (remastered + new extra footage)
In the past we released about 5 videos with thai girls who get fucked by fucking machines. Those videos where only available in low quality (they have been released in early 2000’s). We have now fully remastered them to be able to provide your with the best possible quality. Keep in mind that even though we have remastered them from the original master tapes, those videos have been shot a long time ago, so they will never be in hd quality. Still, the quality these new 2019 releases have are 10x better than the old ones.

And on top of that we are going to release the extended versions of these movies which contain never-seen-before footage that we haven’t used in the official releases. We also have some completely new machine-fucking footage that we never released to the public as well…until now!

Server crash – oops!
We sincerely apologize for the hard-disk crash we had this month. Due to us being in Thailand (to checkout some new locations) we did notice this pretty late. At this moment everything is already solved and working again, but still, we just want to say we are very sorry for this and we will make sure this will not happen again!

Raw Kinky Thai Video Tapes
We got a lot of request to upload the raw material of all the old movies as some footage is missing in the official DVD versions. Due to the server crash (see above) we are lacking a bit or space on our server. We will need a 8tb hard-disk and some updates on our server to be able to upload all the raw material. We will do this for sure but as this will cost a lot of money it will depend on the sales of the new 2019 releases. If there is enough demand for those new release, we get some fresh money, and we are able to get things done more quickly.

So it can take a couple of weeks but we are busy with it as we speak. Once all raw material is uploaded we will announce it by newsletter and our news section on our website.

New 2019 releases

Limited supply – download only
As there will only be a limited supply of these special kinky thai videos, all 2019 releases will be available through download only! This means that you have to purchase them in order to watch them! If there is enough demand for the new movies we will look into productions again. We don’t want to get rich, as we love doing the things we do, but i hope you all understand that we can only produce movies like these if we at least break even with them.

New 2019 releases

Talk to you sick fucks later 🙂


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