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Behind The Scenes Special

An inside look in the kinkythai kitchen; Meet our team members, see how our offices and locations looked like, see our testing locations and other inside information that members normally wont ever see. Fun for the real fans who want to digg deep into our background.

The Lord of the Dung Special

The most successful series ever released at Real cowshit, no bullshit! Thai teens getting humiliated in a beasty way; loads of fresh cow poop is smeared over their faces, and to top it up the girls need to eat and swallow all the dirty animal feces.

Intestine Special

Intestines, guts, viscera, entrails, bowels, giblets, inwards, tripe, dried meat and remains of animals… It’s all our perverted girls wish for. Get ready for the most filthy humiliation footage you have ever seen. Warning: This crazy shit is totally sick and bizarre… You will love it!



scat humiliation

Every night before we did a scat porn shoot in Thailand, the girls prepared a special selfmade meal for their master Zod. After his body had consumed it, he gave the remains back to them through his ass in the form of liquid shit. Lets just call it the circle of life 🙂

puking girls

Poor thai girls getting forced to eat dog vomit, intestines and fresh diarrhea mixed with pee and saliva. Most of our kinky sluts couldnt handle that and started to puke over and over again. Here you can see all their filthy vomit adventures.

Forced pee drinking

Nice words, a bag of cash and some compelling compliments where enough to convice these thai ladies to cross their moral limits. Well ok, sometimes we had to force them a bit but in the end they all loved Zod’s yellow rain of perversion.

Extreme thai bdsm

Althoug most of our customers prefer the scat, piss and vomit pics, Zod also made a few crazy bdsm movies with shy submissive sluts who get dominated by Zod himself and his mistress female friend Nut.

bizarre stuff

We have seen a lot of crazy shit in our lifes but Zod always found a way to shock our pervy minds again. To honor his one-of-a-kind pervert-brain we created this special category which is filled with Zod’s most extreme projects.

Bizarre foodporn

How about a nice tasty hamburger made with fresh turds, some ketchup and a shiny yellow rain sauce. Based on recipes we received from our fans we prepared some of the most bizarre scat diners for our girls.

Bestiality scat and vomit

Zod’s most bizarre series; submissive thai girls who lick dog assholes and pervy women who love to eat and swallow dogshit. Incredible nasty footage that will even shock diehard perverts.

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