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Kinky Thai


New 2019 releases

Hello to all horny fuckers! We have some great news for you: new real kinky thai movies are coming! The first 6 videos have already been added to the website. Around 20 more real kinky thai videos will follow in the next months. For the whole of 2019 we will release 1 new movie each […]
kinkythai history

The history of Kinky Thai The website was born/launched in august of 2002 and was truly one of a kind. People had just discovered the internet and while porn sites where popping up like mushrooms, and with that, some soft scat sites as well, there was nothing that could be compared to our “shitty” content. BFI, also known […]

Behind The Scenes Special

An inside look in the kinkythai kitchen; Meet our team members, see how our offices and locations looked like, see our testing locations and other inside information that members normally wont ever see. Fun for the real fans who want to digg deep into our background.

The Lord of the Dung Special

The most successful series ever released at Real cowshit, no bullshit! Thai teens getting humiliated in a beasty way; loads of fresh cow poop is smeared over their faces, and to top it up the girls need to eat and swallow all the dirty animal feces.